Alzheimer's Facility Finder

Alzheimer's Facility Finder representatives are effective at helping those afflicted with Alzheimer's Disease because of one person, Sheri Bruemmer. Sheri's been helping families affected by Alzheimer's Disease make the best decisions for their loved ones for two decades.

When President Ronald Reagan was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease and his family and staff needed the best, confidential help possible, they called Sheri's team for expert answers, compassionate advice and a clear care plan. Since then, she's helped thousands of families just like yours and now she's brought that expertise to Alzheimer's Facility Finder.
Having managed many award-winning assisted living facilities, she knows the insider secrets of how to choose the right facility for your loved one. Sheri believes there's nothing worse for an Alzheimer's patient (and their family) than being placed into an Alzheimer's care facility that's not right for them, usually by unqualified people just trying to fill beds. That is why she is managing our team, for your peace of mind.

Call today at 855-795-2002 for free expert advice and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you made the right decision for your loved one and yourself.

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The Zombie Channel - iPhone App

 Made by people who love zombies as much as you do...

The Zombie Channel has risen to bring you treasures from the deepest vaults of the undead realm... If you've ever wanted a 24 hour channel dedicated to zombies and nothing but zombies, you have arrived at your final destination.

Join fans around the world and be a part of this adventure in programming as we bid farewell to our dearly beloved TVs and embrace the shocking power of the iPhone to deliver our live streaming channel, deliver dread on demand and bring your attention to all sorts of things on the bleeding edge of cool.


* The Stream - delivers live content from The Zombie Channel, including our all new original programs including THE PRE-MORTEM (a live preview of The Walking Dead airing Sundays)

* UnDead OnDemand - On Demand libraries featuring a growing archive of movies, short films, documentaries and more.

* Deadline News - All the latest happening from the front lines of the zombie apocalypse.

* And more...

Whether you're in a long line and need a quick zombie fix or wanting a bedtime story sure to give you nightmares, The Zombie Channel has got you covered...

You can download the app at:

Freelancing in Pakistan And India

On a random day, just sit with any Pakistani student and discuss the current affairs with him. No matter what the discussion is, you will end up hearing sentences such as:

Pakistan main kia rakha hai, mujai chance mila to bahir nikil jana hai.

Main kisi aur mulk main hee paida ho jata, kia kharab kismet hai mairee.

While reading such sentences I am sure you will be having the same feeling and let me tell you Mr. Reader, nobody but you are to be blamed for this thinking of yours. People have this thinking mainly because either they know there are no future job prospects or they are not happy with their progress in their current jobs. Now, the most important question,

Why are people to be blamed for this thinking?

For understanding this, you need to look at the routine of a Pakistani student.

What does he even do all day?

Students will argue, like,

Oh, yaar assignments aur studies sai hee fursat nae milteee to aur kia karaein hum.

This is again a bogus argument. If per say this argument is correct, then how on earth do they get time to chat with their boyfriends and girlfriends all night long? Why do they spend hours and hours on facebook stalking others? Why do they party with their friends as if it was their last day on earth?

So, it's all about priorities. Now, what is that the students need to do?

Students just need to dive in the world of freelancing the moment they turn 18 or maybe earlier as well. They can earn a healthy pocket money by writing articles, internet marketing or by being a personal assistant of someone online. You can do all this just through signing up on freelancing websites like Odesk, Elance etc. Well, if you are a computer science student, then I suggest you should give a damn about your GPA and just do freelancing during your studies. This mindset may bother our so-called PhDs and professors but all this activity teaches you many lessons described below.

Normally, what happens is that when you start a job, there will be workshops on how to talk to your clients and how to be polite and what not. Just imagine, what if you are to expose yourself to such activities through freelancing? If you are sitting at your home and giving online interviews on skype, writing cover letters for jobs and everything. Wouldn't it sharpen your skills and give you an edge in your practical life? No matter what our so called PhD gurus say, this helps and yes it helps a lot.

If you think, I am just a lousy idiot saying this stuff, let me tell you I have done freelancing all my university life. I had all night hangouts back in my hostel at GIKI but still did everything. So, the point is it can be done, it is not impossible.

Therefore, again to all those students out there, next time you say that Pakistan is useless, just think! Do you really utilize the opportunities which are at hand?

At the end I will just say, if you do freelancing during your studies, you can get exposure to practical life even before entering it and that is going to really help you in your career, let alone the money you'll earn. If students in other countries can work during their education, then what is the problem with us? JUST THINK!

If you have completed your education and passed your student life, I beg to you to encourage your juniors, children and students to do freelancing rather than wasting their time

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