Pakistan's Mentality towards Education

“Baita O Level main achai grades lai lo sab set ho jai ga life main”
(Secure good grades in O level, your life will become very easy)

Be it O level, A level, Matric or Engineering, every student comes across such statements. Every parent in Pakistan wants his child to get some sorta position in his class. I wonder why parents fail to understand that in a class of 50 students, not every student can get a distinction. Parents are seen pressurizing their children in studying more so that they can achieve some sorta distinction. They believe if a student gets a gold medal, he will certainly land a high profile job. Having graduated recently, I know for sure this is not at all true. There are many questions that come to mind:

Why parents have forgotten the real essence of education? 

How many parents actually educate their children so that they can just become a better person?

I am afraid to say the percentage of such parents is less than 5 percent. This mentality does not help in a child’s upbringing at all. Be it a FSC student from Islamia College or an A-level student from LGS, students are now taking drugs more than ever and their parents are unaware of it. However, this is not the only reason that children are taking drugs. There are family issues and other stuff which I will discuss in later posts.

 So, the parents just need to change their mentality and educate their children with the aim of improving their personality. The main aim of the education is to develop the personality of a child. Education is not some sorta commodity. Parents should stop making calculations such as, 

“If we spend RS 2 million on education, how long will it take for their child to earn this much after graduation?”

The equations need to change. EDUCATION is not equal to MONEY rather EDUCATON is equal to PERSONALITY. If we do not change our mentality towards education, then don’t expect our society to change any time soon. We need to push our children to become better people who can serve the society.

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